How to open a US Amazon account from Pakistan? | Notch Filing

The US Amazon is the most popular online marketplace in the United States, and it’s the largest e-commerce company in the world. It has become a major force in the online retail world. With over 1 billion products available. It is possible to open a US Amazon account in Pakistan in order signup for US Amazon (FBA) seller central Form an LLC or INC (Register company in the US) from Pakistan relatively can be done quickly. After the formation process users must have a US bank account, a valid unique US address, and a US phone number along with a local bank statement. Additionally, users must provide an active passport and a confirmation of identity with a US address. Once the account is created, users can access the US Amazon account from Pakistan. Amazon strives to provide its customers with the best shopping experience possible.

US PayPal accounts in Pakistan can also be used to receive payments from other countries, such as for freelance work and for any service provider.