Why Wyoming and Delaware states are cheapest to operate | Notch Filing

Wyoming and Delaware are two of the most cost-effective states to operate a business in the United States. Wyoming has no state corporate income tax, no individual income tax, and no corporate franchise tax. You need to pay federal tax that will be on your profit only and state level tax that is 4%. This means that businesses in Wyoming can keep more of their profits than in most other states. Additionally, Wyoming has low business costs overall, with no state sales tax, low utility costs, and reduced worker’s compensation costs. These low costs result in Wyoming being an attractive option for businesses looking to keep their overhead costs low.

Delaware is another best state to consider for businesses looking to reduce costs. Delaware has no corporate income tax, no inventory tax, no sales tax, and no corporate franchise tax. This makes it a great option for businesses looking to keep their taxes low. Additionally, the Delaware Court of Chancery is a world-renowned business court that makes it easy for businesses to pass corporate resolutions and settle disputes. This makes Delaware a perfect option for businesses that need a reliable and efficient resolution of corporate disputes.